Kale chips, man. Kale chips.

  Today is a great day in my kitchen.  Why, you ask?  Two words:  kale chips.  Kale. Freaking. Chips.  (Okay, that’s three words, but only if you add the “freaking” in there, which you probably will after you try them.)  If you know about kale chips, then the amazingness of them is not news to you.  But me?  I’m still recovering from a life-changer.  Not even a game-changer.  Nope.  Life-changer.

Kale chips, man.  Kale chips.

There are plenty of recipes out there that will guide you down the path of awesome, but I got mine straight from nutrition guru Julie at the café.  Here’s what I did:

Step one: Took this gigantic bag of kale:

 Kale Chips 004

(That’s Gladys, my ladybug timer)


Step 2:  Arranged that stuff on a cookie sheet like so:

 Kale Chips 001

Step 3: Spritzed with some EVOO and seasoned one pan with sea salt and one pan with garlic powder, just because I was feeling frisky.

 Kale Chips 006


Step 4: Popped those puppies in the over at 350° for 10 minutes

Kale Chips 007

(10 minutes, please, Gladys!)

Step 5: Waited less than patiently for them to crisp up and the edges to turn brown, like so:

 Kale Chips 008

and a closer look…

 Kale Chips 009

(quietly preparing to rock my socks off)


Step 6: Eat, smile, be happy and know your life has been changed for the better.

 Kale Chips 012

(But brush your hair and put some lipstick of before you take a picture of yourself…unlike some of us.)


PS: Starting now and occurring whenever I feel like it, I will be cross-posting on wellnesscafepa.com's website.  Check out my posts over there for my reviews of healthy recipes, workshops, and occasional success stories!