Banana Pancakes

                It’s Sunday!  A day of rest and relaxation and in my house, it’s a day for a big, delicious breakfast.  And because I recently discovered a healthy version of one of my favorite recipes, it’s also the day I’m going to share it with you.  But first, do me a favor and open the link below in a separate window.  This particular post calls for a little background music.

                Thanks, Jack.  That’s right my friends…today we’re making healthy banana pancakes.  I don’t normally love the pancake.  When I was a kid, chocolate chip pancakes were kind of my life (yolo) but since I’ve gotten older (and nutritionally self-aware) they don’t grace my breakfast plate too often.  Which is why, when I announced to my husband during my pre-bedtime yoga routine, “Man, I really want some pancakes,” I knew this weekend would be a perfect time to share this recipe with my blog friends.  You can find the recipe here.  I discovered it on Pinterest.

                (Side note: when I announced this at 11:30 on Thursday night, all I got was a look and an “Okay…” from said husband.  He didn’t know he’d be playing such a pivotal role in making this post a reality.)


                So these pancakes are all kinds of wonderful and let me tell you why:  they are ridiculously easy to make, they are deeeeeeelicious, and best of all, they’re low in calories.  So let’s get started.

Step one: Gather ingredients


Step two: Throw that stuff in the blender (the recipe says to grind the oatmeal into powder first but ain’t nobody got time for that.  I also only put half the banana in the blender; I save the other half for slices to add to the pancakes later on.)

(Note: It will look completely disgusting when you put it all in the blender.  You’ve been warned.)

(Note: It will look completely disgusting when you put it all in the blender.  You’ve been warned.)

Step three: Blend it up! 


Step four: Pour it out (easy to do since you’ve got the mouth of blender working for you.  No ladles necessary!)


Step five: Pre-flip, add a few thin slices of bananas


Step six: Flip!  (Don’t get crazy though—some bananas just want to watch the world burn.  They go rogue and they jump outta the cake.  No good.)


Step seven: Wait until you’ve got a nice golden brown and then flip them out of the pan and onto a pretty polka-dotted plate.  (Or, y’know, whatever you’ve got going on.)


Step eight: Repeat until batter is gone.



Aaaaaand done!  Do a little quick clean-up and you’re good to go.  And the greatest part of this whole thing?  You can eat all of those pancakes for 255 calories. 

Happy Sunday indeed.


Thanks to Jack Johnson for the background jams and the super sexy Jeremy Jeziorski for making such tasty photos to accompany this post.