Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

I’d post a cute picture of myself blowing one of those streamer horns and wearing a party hat but :

a.)    I don’t know where my camera is

b.)    I’m looking pretty rough for someone who had one glass of champagne and was asleep by 12:45

c.)     I don’t have either of the aforementioned props that would make this picture super cute

d.)    Oh well

Now comes my annual January post where I either make resolutions or to-do lists and feel all fuzzy about the upcoming year.  But first, as always, we must look back on my massive list of goals and plans for 2013 and see what did and didn’t happen.

The Goals:

a.)    Catch my breath

b.)    Trust myself

c.)     Have an adventure

So far so good!  I did, in fact, catch my breath after adjusting to a life that wasn’t motivated entirely by work-related stress.  I did more yoga and more meditating than I ever have in my entire life.  I don’t really know if I learned to trust myself more.  I’m not actually sure what I had in mind when I threw that one on the list.  So we’ll move on. 

Did I have an adventure?  I sure did.  More than one, as a matter of fact.  But we can talk about that later.

Now on to the to-do list:  I feel I may have done less than stellar on this one.


The Tasks:

1.)    Learn Italian (conversational is fine, but be on the way to fluent by December)

Yeah, no.  This didn’t even start to happen.  Better luck next year.


2.)    Finish Mack&Moira by July 1st

I did finish Mack&Moira (see all of the depressing posts about it below) but I did it about a month behind schedule.  Still finished it, still giving myself a high five whenever I think about it.


3.)    Walk more than I drive

Yes!  Done!  There have been plenty of decisions that have been made in regards to going somewhere where my logic is, ‘if I don’t feel like walking there, I’m not going.’  Yes, that’s kind of backwards in that it did, on occasion, breed further laziness.  But whatever.  I decreased my carbon footprint.

4.)    Visit at least 2 out-of-state friends or family members on their turf (I’ll take bids and bribes for who it is!)

I…think I did this.  Didn’t I?  I feel like I did.  Yes!  I did!  I visited Rebecca in Cincinatti and Grandma and Aunt Jaye + family in Clarksville, TN.  So yes. Boom.  Did it.

5.)    Compose and post 20 blog posts.  Yes.  20.

Nope.  7/20.  Maybe I’ll be better this year. 


6.)    See at least 5 live performances of different genres

Louis CK (stand-up comic), Cinderella (kids musical), Tom Franklin(author reading), A Chemical Imbalance (straight play), Backstreet Boys (concert)

Bam!  Another high-five!

7.)    Improve my healthy recipe repertoire

Yep.  Did it.

8.)    Construct a solid and agreed-upon outline for Henrietta

Well…we kind of did this.  Not really though.  Elizabeth, we need to hammer this out.

9.)    Read 24 books

Yes!  Did that too.

10.)  Participate in NaNoWrimo again

Heck yes!  Participated and won!  Two years in a row.


11.)  Travel outside the US

I was actually pretty sure this wasn’t going to happen, but thanks to my wonderful, amazing, spontaneous husband, it did!  An impromptu romantic early-spring escape to Jamaica was exactly what this seasonally depressed girl needed.



12.)  Write at least one sentence every day

Did that too!  I’m pretty sure it was thanks to this little idea that I was able to finish two novels this year.

13.)  Complete certification with the IAWP
Yes, I did that too.  September 7th. Bam.


Okay, so it looks like I did a bit better than I thought I might have.  Yay for me!  Now, onto this year.  I think I’m going to be a little less ambitious with my list and strive for some small, consistent changes that will last longer than my typical flights of fancy.


So, here we go:

1.)    Edit Mack & Moira.  I’m actually already dreading this.  A lot.

2.)    Take better care of my skin.  I didn’t decide to do this until this morning when I woke up and noticed LEGITIMATE LINES UNDER MY EYES.  No good.

3.)    Read more in new genres.  Mainly screenplays.  I learn best by reading so let’s start with that.  Who knows what might happen after that.  More nonfiction?  *gulp* Poetry?  

4.)    Improve the quality of my sleep.  I’m really too old for this night terror shit.  I’ve got a bed time checklist, some new “deep sleep” meditation recordings, and a night time yoga routine, along with the advice of my brilliant almost-doctor niece Hannah.  I actually got a head start on this one and have been night terror free for five nights!




So that’s what I’ve got goin’ on.  What about you guys?  What does this year hold for you?  Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and what do you think of my shiny new website?  Pretty sweet, huh?