The Three Taquitos

Do you know Cassey Ho?  She's the brainiac behind the amazing  Have you been?  You should go.  

While looking for ways to improve my energy level and decrease the general gelatinous nature of my mid-section, I stumbled upon her site and her fantastically challenging and hilarious workout videos.  What I really like though is that she builds these awesome calendars so you don't have to hunt around and waste time looking for anything.  

Check out this beginner's calendar that I'm using to ease myself back into a more active lifestyle:


Anyway, the point of this blog is not just to point you in Cassey's direction, but to remind you that there is something truly awesome about working out with your friends.  I asked my cousin (bestest friend/partner in crime etc.) to do the challenge with me and she roped her college roomie, Steph into joining us as well. Below is all the proof and motivation I needed to make it through week one and keep going into week two. 

(Apologies (sort of) for our foul mouths)


{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Jillian Rodgers: dat Ana making me sweat.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Emily Jeziorski: Bitch is crazy.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: Those teaser twists? Impossible

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Jillian Rodgers: literally just cleaned up all the hair off my floor with my awkward arm i was laying on. ya know?

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Emily Jeziorski: I hate side plank anything. Makes me feel like I weigh exactly as much as I do

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Jillian Rodgers: Lolololz. We should start our own fitness blog.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: The three taquitos

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Jillian Rodgers: PERFECT!!!

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: I keep checking my stomach for a six pack

{C}·         {C}{C}{C} Jillian Rodgers: HA. Sam literally just pulled up his shirt and explained to me that he has a 6-pack but it is just hiding under his gut which he has named Bulbasor. like the pokemon. also this happened at work

1:41pm Steph Gribbin named the conversation: Everything tastes as good as skinny feels.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Such a professional

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Jillian Rodgers: lolol the naming of this convo.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: It came to me whilst showering

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Emily JeziorskiAhahahhah!  Literally everything does taste as good as skinny feels. I mean, I'm just assuming. But the 3 taquitos is the greatest thing I have heard in years…Until I found out that Sam named his gut after a Pokemon.

·         Jillian Rodgers: What are the chances that both sam and steph would be talking about their 6packs at the same time? Soul sisterz.

·         Emily Jeziorski: It's no wonder you were drawn to them both

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: God bless you for letting me live in my delusion

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Emily Jeziorski: If we end up with six packs by next December, I'm naming all of my abs

·         Steph Gribbin: Any ideas for names?

·         Emily Jeziorski: Two of them will be Steph and Sam, then Tennessee, Tubbs...

·         Steph Gribbin: Just as it should be…DEUCE?!?!?

·         Emily Jeziorski: Deuce, naturallyI need one more.  Maybe Dobby...because I like having the names start with the same letter

·         Jillian Rodgers: I’m holding you to this.  This is the best motivation.

·         Emily Jeziorski: I'll write on my stomach and take obnoxious pictures

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: Make sure you give yourself two extra names just in case you have an eight pack

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Emily Jeziorski: Ooh Steph...shooting for the moon there!  I'll figure something out if that's the case

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Jillian Rodgers: Amazing.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: I feel like a lifetime movie is going to made about our experience

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Emily Jeziorski: This has escalated quickly and in exactly the right direction

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: Haha owww I can't laugh I hurt too much

·         Emily JeziorskiOw. Me too. God damn you, Cassey Ho!

·          Steph Gribbin: What did you guys think about her jeggings?

·          Emily Jeziorski: I thought they weren't workout wear.  But her damn thigh gap allows her to pull off anything

{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Steph Gribbin: A thigh gap is all I've ever wanted

·         Emily JeziorskiYou could name your thigh gap!  Jill, what will you name?  You should name your bottom since we all know you've never had one.

{C}·         {C}{C}{C} Steph Gribbin: I bet she's excited for that bubble butt workout tomorrow

·          Emily Jeziorski: I thought of her when I saw it

·          Jillian Rodgers: I love all of this. I don't want it to ever stop. Let me think my butt name over



I don't know, they make me laugh.  And more than that, they make me want to keep working out so we can keep talking about the challenge and making each other laugh. 

What about you guys?  Are you solo gym rats or do you workout better when you're with friends?


Much love,